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Founded in 2010, e-House Oy is a construction consultancy and project development company specializing in various housing and real estate development projects.

We develop and construct both privately financed owner-occupied and rental housing as well as state-subsidised (ARA) right-of-occupancy and rental housing. Our customers include constructors, plot owners, real estate investors, financers, and other operators in the sector.
e-House Oy provides a wide range of construction consultancy and project development services. The company acquires the plot, selects the form of financing and occupancy, manages project planning, organizes marketing, acquires financing, and organizes the implementation phase. The aim is to create diverse construction projects and productive investments. Scroll down for more information about our current development projects and completed reference projects.
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Development projects

Asoy Helsingin Ristiretkeläistenkatu 19 Asoy Ristiretkeläistenkatu 19 is located on a hillside with a beutiful view. This undertaking is the first phase of a larger development.
Asoy Viikinmäen Askelmat Viikinmäen Askelmat is located in Viikinmäki, Helsinki, on a rugged riverside plot. The marketing of the apartments will start in 2017.
Asoy Capella, Kalasatama The location of the Capella block is suberb, right next to the Kalasatama subway station.
Asoy Helsingin Alppipiha This project covers a whole block. Designed with sheltered large courtyard. Contains a variety of apartment types and sizes.
Asoy Helsingin Haukkakatu This small apartment building has efficient design fitted on a small plot. Contains compact units and even a small sheltered courtyard.
Asoy Helsingin Pilvenpyörteentie Helsingin Pilvenpyörteentie (to be founded) is located in the new Tullivuori area near the services of Malmi. The new daycare centre of Tullivuori is located next to the project site.


Laukkukuja 6 The City of Helsinki granted the annual architectural award Rakentamisen Ruusu to Laukkukuja 6 in 2015.
Asunto Oy Helsingin Alppitähti The City of Helsinki granted the annual architectural award Rakentamisen Ruusu to Helsingin Alppitähti in 2015.
Säkkikatu 4 Säkkikatu 4 was developed adjacent to previous Alppikylä's undertaking.
Reppukatu 3 Reppukatu 3 was the third devolopment project in this block and upon it's completion the whole block was completed.
Asoy Helsingin Alppimännyt Helsingin Alppimännyt is located next to city park and kindergarten.
Asoy Helsingin Alppikulma Helsingin Alppikulma is an idyllic apartment building across the street from a new public kindergarten.
Asoy Reppukatu 4-6 Reppukatu 4-6 is located on a beutiful plot attached to city park.


e-House Oy
Visiting address: Matkamiehenpolku 1, 00320 Helsinki
Mailing address: PL 2, 00701 Helsinki

Managing Director: Jyrki Haavisto 040-1327801
Development Director: Juha Haavisto 040-1327802

Email: info@ehouse.fi


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